Tuition, Payments, and Refunds

General Tuition Information

Tuition is charged per course and is listed under each course in the course offering section of the website. Every student is charged a technology fee of $1.27 per clock hour, which funds the College's maintenance and enhancement of technology infrastructure.

Every student is charged a facility fee of $0.22 per clock hour, which funds the College's construction, maintenance, furnishing and equipping of buildings and infrastructure, including any and all occupancy costs.

Other fees are charged on a course-by-course basis.

Payment arrangements are required at the time of registration. Monthly payment plans are available. If tuition and fee charges are not paid within 10 business days of registration, the applicable courses will be dropped due to non-payment. If a student has been dropped and would like to re-register (if space is available), they should contact their academic advisor.

Proof of Colorado residency is required for all credit courses. Noncredit courses in Continuing Education, English Language Acquisition, and Adult Education do not require proof of Colorado residency.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notification.

Payment Plans

Payment Plan

Payment plan agreements can be arranged through the Treasurer's Office. A payment plan is available to students who cannot pay the tuition and fees in full at the time of enrollment.

Payment plans are not available for courses less than 60 days in length, classes costing less than $100 or distance learning courses. Some courses/programs may have different payment requirements.

There is a $20 per school year partial payment fee for this service, which is due when the payment plan is set up.

All students on a payment plan are required to make a down payment, including students who will receive financial aid grants/scholarships and third party payments. Students should contact the Treasurer's Office to determine the exact amount of their down payment.

The balance after the down payment is paid in installments. The final payment will be due no later than 30 days prior to the end of the class.  Any deviation from the payment plan schedule will be a breach in the terms of the agreement, commonly referred to as default. Should this occur, the total balance will be due and payable in full immediately or the student will be withdrawn from classes.

Default on any payment plan will result in no further payment plans for the student. Default on your payment plan can also result in the full account balance being sent to collections with the college’s collection agency, which is currently MS Services (subject to change).

Payment plans can be requested online or in person at the Treasurer's Office. Click here to request a payment plan online. 

In-State Tuition

In-State Tuition (Resident)

In accordance with HB06S-1023, which was signed into law by the Governor on July 31, 2006, CCHE and the institutions of higher education are required to verify the lawful presence of all applicants for public postsecondary education benefits. Emily Griffith Technical College requires all students to provide documentation that they are legally in the United States.

Under Colorado law, to be eligible for in-state (resident) tuition rates, a student must have lived in Colorado for one full calendar year prior to the state date of classes and be in the United States legally. Undocumented and DACA students can qualify for Colorado ASSET In-State Tuition. (please see the Colorado ASSET website for eligiblity information.)

Out-of-State Tuition

Out-of-State Tuition (Non-Resident)

Under Colorado law, a person must have lived in Colorado for one full calendar year prior to school enrollment to be entitled to resident tuition rates. For persons not residing in the state of Colorado for one year prior to date of starting class and for visa students, non-resident tuition is computed at $2.50 additional per clock hour.

Noncredit courses in our Continuing Education and Adult Education and Language Learning Center do not differentiate Colorado residency, and therefore cost the same amount for nonresident and resident students.

Methods of Payment

Method of Payment

The Treasurer’s Office accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and personal checks (please note: there is a $35 fee for bad checks otherwise known as Non-Sufficient Funds). Students may also pay online from the student portal, which also accepts American Express. Payment plans are also available where applicable. A 2.5% processing fee will be added to all debit and credit card payments. Personal checks are not accepted for services such as testing, barbering/cosmetology services, or deli/bakery purchases. 

Students are encouraged to seek financial aid grants and scholarships. 

Students receiving third party funding, like agency ro employer-sponsored funding, must have a billing authorization at the time of registration. The Treasurer's Office will include a $5 per credit hour service fee on all third-party invoices unless otherwise dictated by an agreement with a third party. 

Payment arrangements are required at the time of registration. Monthly payment plans are available. If tuition and fee charges are not paid within five (5) days of registration, the applicable courses will be dropped due to non-payment. If you have been dropped and would like to re-register (if space is available), please contact your academic advisor. 

Online Payments

Making Online Payments

To pay online, first login to the Student Portal. Click on “Access the Student Portal” and login by clicking the blue login button and entering your credentials at the top right of the page.  For instructions on how to make online payments, click here.

Collections for Non-Payment

Past due student accounts may be referred to our collections agency, which is currently MS Services (subject to change). Prior to being referred to collections, students will be sent a past due notice via email and regular mail at 30, 60, and 90 days past due. The collection agency will add fees and finance charges, so it is in the student's best interest to pay the college before your account is sent to collections. See methods of payment above. 

Once a student account is in collections, no future payment plans will be offered. All past and future tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. 

Refund Policy

Refund Policy - Classes Paid by Check, Cash or Credit Card:

All refunds will be available within forty-five (45) business days after notification. The following process applies to all refunds:

  • 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded if a student drops prior to the beginning of class.
  • 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded if a class is closed due to insufficient enrollment.
  • 100% of tuition and technology and capital improvement fees will be refunded if a student drops and their last day of attendance was before the census date. Books, materials/kits, digital media, and partial payment fees will not be refunded.
  • No refunds if last date of attendance was after the census date.
  • Any dispute regarding refunds after the census date will follow the tuition and fee refund appeals process.
  • If a student is on a payment plan, all refunds will be less the $20 non-refundable payment plan fee. 

Refund Policy - Classes paid by Financial Aid Grants:

Financial Aid Grants include Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Colorado Student Grant and other grants.

For students that have withdrawn from the college

If a student notifies the college that they are no longer going to attend and the student has been receiving financial aid grant money, the Financial Aid Department will complete a calculation within 45 days to determine what portion of the grant must be returned to the funder and what portion belongs to the student. Any amount resulting in a credit on the student's account will be returned to the student. The Treasurer's Office will contact the student to inform them if a credit exists. Once contact has been established, the student will receive their refund within seven days. 

It is possible that a student eligible for a financial aid refund, will still owe an outstanding balance with the Treasurer's Office. Students should see the Treasurer's Office to confirm their balance. It is also possible that a student will receive a financial aid refund, yet will be expected to return a portion due to enrollment status (ex: having dropped a course after receipt of the refund). 

If more information is needed, see Withdrawals and Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

For students that are continuing classes 

If a student has a credit created by a Financial Aid Grant on his/her account as of June 30 of the school year, the College will return the grant credit to the student. Students will be advised the money they are receiving may need to be used for future classes and that the student will need to pay for these classes with these funds or other personal funds. Upon receipt of these funds the student becomes responsible for the payment of all future classes. (Any student on a payment plan will void their payment plan if they take the grant money and do not apply the balance to future tuition and fees.)

Appeal Process

Tuition and Fee Refund Appeals

Refund and Appeals Application

Appeal requests should be submitted to the Treasurer's Office.

Appeal requests must be made within ONE YEAR of the withdrawel date. Appeals submitted more than one year after the withdrawl date will not be reviewed. If a student has financial aid for the semester being appealed, the student could be responsible for repayment of those funds.

The College can approve a refund appeal for only one semester during the student's entire academic career at Emily Griffith Technical College, even if a student has documentation that substantiates an extraordinary event and an appeal for tuition and fee refund is approved. This includes all voluntary and involuntary separations. In particular, if the event is related to a medical condition, it is the student's responsibility to make an informed decision, which may require consultation with a physician, prior to enrolling in future coursework since an appeal is granted on a one-time basis for a given medical condition. While a student will not be granted a second tuition and fee refund, the student may have the opportunity to withdraw from coursework with a grade of W in future semesters, assuming the student meets all appropriate deadlines and regulations related to withdrawal. 

Financial Aid Impact

If a student has financial aid for the semester and is appealing, they may have to return the financial aid received, in partial or in full, if the appeal is approved.

Books, supplies, etc.

Books, supplies, kits and consumables are non-refundable.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation is required for the following:

  • Medical - A dated and signed letter from the physician explaining the illness on letterhead, medical bills, or other medical documentation must be provided.
  • Death of an Immediate Family Member - A death certificate or an obituary from the newspaper must be provided. Pamphlets from the funeral will not be accepted. The death must be from your immediate family. Immediate Family Member is defined as: spouse, parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, mother-in-law and father-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law. Adopted, half, and step members are also included in immediate family. 
  • Active Duty Deployment - Deployment papers for Active Duty must be provided. They must state Active Duty, not training.
  • College Error: A dated and signed explanation on Emily Griffith Technical College letterhead from the appropriate administrator at dean level or higher stating the situation and identifying the College's error must be provided.

If documentation is not in English, it will not be accepted. If you are providing copies, it must be translated.

Additional Information

  • If a student has financial aid for the semester they are appealing, they may have to return the financial aid received in partial or full if the appeal is approved.
  • If a student is appealing for medical reasons and they have been granted a refund for a prior semester on the basis of that documentation, their request will not be considered for a second semester. Medical refunds are given on a one-time basis.
  • If a student is appealing departmental fees, library fees, etc., this is out of the Appeal Committee’s purview and their request will not be reviewed.
  • If a student is appealing due to work-related issues or failure to receive expected funding such as loans, Veteran Affairs support, funding, sponsorships, etc. their request will not be considered.
  • If the student is appealing grades, this is out of the Appeal Committee’s purview. Please speak with the appropriate department or refer to the Undergraduate Catalog regarding grade appeals or grievances.
  • When requesting a tuition and fee refund appeal on a medical, family emergency, death in the family or military deployment basis, it be must for all courses taken the entire semester.

Appeal forms are available at the Welcome Desk and Treasurer’s Office and the committee meets monthly to review appeals.

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